Памяти Ирины Владимировны Тарасевич (16.08.1928–11.12.2017)

Фандо Роман Алексеевич

Институт истории естествознания и техники им. С.И. Вавилова РАН, Москва, Россия

DOI: 0.24411/2076-8176-2018-11959

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In Memoriam of Irina V. Tarasevich (16.VIII.1928–11.XII.2017)

Roman A. Fando

Sergey I. Vavilov Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

DOI: 0.24411/2076-8176-2018-11959

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This paper examines the biography of an epidemiologist Irina Vladimirovna Tarasevich. Having graduated from Moscow University’s Department of Entomology, she devoted herself to the studies of natural-foci (vector-borne) diseases. Over her 65-year career at the N.F. Gamaleya Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, she went all the way from being a junior research fellow to Academician (Full Member) of the Russian Academy of Sciences. She discovered new foci of Q fever, Tsutsugamushi disease, and Astrakhan spotted fever, studied the relationships of pathogens with their carriers, developed the diagnostics and forecasting techniques for the outbreaks of natural-foci infections, and identified a new species of Rickettsia. Apart from epidemiology, I.V. Tarasevich studied the history of discovery of different rickettsioses and founded a new school in ecology of Rickettsia and epidemiology of rickettsioses.

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