Судилище. Материалы и воспоминания о подготовке «суда чести» над академиком А.Р. Жебраком (1947 г.)

Жебрак Э.А.Солнцева М.П.

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Tribunal. Documents on Preparing the «Court of Honor» for Anton R. Zhbrak in 1947
Zhebrak Eduard A., Solntseva Margarita P.

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In 1945, the member of the Belorussian Academy of Science, the professor of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Anton R. Zebrak published in the American journal «Science» an article surveying Soviet genetics. In two years, because of the article Zherbak underwent a so-called «Court of Honor», which was the first in the post-war period of Lysenko and his supporters’ great attack on biology and preceded the grievous implementation of the well-known 1948 VASKhNIL Session, which began the ban on genet ics research in the USSR and the triumph of Lysenkoism for two decades. The article shows the selfless struggle of the geneticists for scientific truth and methodsof those in power for the neutralization of the recalcitrants. Introducing the reader to numerous excerpts from the documents related to this history.



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